The Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo has finally opened, and this one is considered the biggest one in Japan. The store has been promoted by Pikachu and Mega Charizard Y, and a life-size figure of the two of them can be seen near the shop’s entrance, greeting the customers.

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…and of course, there’s Mega Charizard X as well, though he does not seem to have a Pikachu


The store opened with so much hype that waiting in line just to enter the store lasted for hours. now imagine finally lining up to buy something…


Shoppers are greeted by a giant Pokeball right before they enter the store

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Once inside, you not only get to see the life-size versions of the Mega Charizards and Pikachu, you also get to see life-size figures of Mega Lucario and Mega Mewtwo. The name Mega Tokyo seems to be really fitting as the store really celebrates the Mega Evolutions.


As the store opened, shoppers and fans were greeted by a Pikachu mascot, who was wearing that really cute Mega Charizard Y Poncho. Several members of the staff also cosplayed as Pokemon trainers to help out.

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And as expected, the store’s two mascots, Pikachu and Mega Charizard Y, were everywhere in the store, especially in the merchandise.

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And would you just look at all those hauls? Looks like it really is the Christmas season with people spending like that.

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The new Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo can be located in Sunshine City Ikebukuro. For more information on Pokemon, check out SGCafe’s previous coverage on the games here.

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Source: Hachimakikou and Kotaku


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