After experiencing some drawbacks, the live action Persona 4 Arena stage play finally began their shows last December 19, 2014 and showcased its cast in costumes which were described by fans as accurate to the Persona games.


The play is based on the Persona 4 Arena games and featured the characters from both Persona 3 and Persona 4. The cast includes Keisuke Minami as Yu Narukami, Ryou Hirano as Yosuke Hanamura, Eiji Takigawa as Kanji Tatsumi, Yuki Asakura as Naoto Shirogane, Asami Tano as Mitsuru Kirijou, Yuuki Fujiwara as Akihiko Sanada, Kanon Miyahara as Aigis, Kaede Aono as Labrys, and Asami Yoshikawa as Elizabeth with Aoki Shiki as Yukiko Amagi, Natsuko Aso as Rise Kujikawa, and Makoto Koichi as Chie Satonaka. Koichi had to replace the ailing voice actress, Mariya Ise just a week before the plays began.

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Critics have described the performances as a “neat play” and said that the actors “did not disappoint”. Japanese anime website, also said that the play’s unique comedy theme has plenty of promise and described the play as “surprising”. Eiji Takigawa, who plays Kanji tatsumi, got plenty of praise as some fans have even nicknamed the play as “The Kanji Tatsumi Show”. Oh Kanji…

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The play was held at the  at the Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijou Playhouse and was certainly well received by many of Japan’s gamers and Persona fans. It wrapped up its final show last night, December 23, 2014.

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