Love Live! is big in Japan, so big that even the country’s very own postal service has joined in on the celebrations for Love Live!’s 5th anniversary next year. For this momentous occasion, the Japan Post Service will be offering 10,000 limited edition frame stamp sheets in post offices all over Japan starting January 15, 2015.


Each stamp will feature the original CD jacket illustrations for the various Love Live! singles and albums, and a special mount will be included. These limited edition commemorative stamps will be sold as a set of ten 520-yen stamps and will cost 2,000 yen. The set will come with a clear file which will also feature the CD jacket illustrations.

rabu2 rabu3 rabu4 rabu5

A Pre-sale will also be held during Comiket 87 from December 28 – 31, 2014 and over at the Tokyo Central Post office on December 28. Love Live! has also recently taken over one of Japan’s busiest railway lines, the Yamanote Line, to celebrate the School Idol Project Rhythm Game’s 10 million users.

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Source: Japan Post via Crunchyroll


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