Malaysia is one of the proudest GunPla-building countries on Earth, and their very own Andy Wong has proven just that as he takes 1st place in the most prestigious GunPla contest in the world, GunPla Builders World Cup 2014.

gbwc1 gbwc2

Wong has defeated all other entries to win the title, including ones from Japan (which won last year’s contest), Singapore, Philippines, USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Italy, Hong Kong, Australia, and Indonesia. He won using a customized MG The O in an entry which is called “Invaders Found”.


malaysia 1

Japan’s entrant, Miki Yoshihisa, may have failed to defend the country’s title, however, he did get 2nd place with his custom Byarlant called the The Sky-soaring Qilin: Byarlant Custom Prototype Unit 2. He qualified for the GBWC by winning a closely-contested Japan qualifier.

byarlant B5WlmZNCQAAnekJ

3rd place meanwhile went to Taiwan’s Lin Zhi Ciao for his Zaku II diorama named “Reborn”.

zakuli B5WlmZMCIAApx3a

The GunPla Builders World Cup 2014 also offered a Junior Course for modelers aged 14 years and under, and from the results, the future of GunPla building looks really bright.


The 11-year old Japanese GunPla prodigy, Mei Hata, failed to win this one however, as the contest was won by the young Korean modeler, Ji Hoon An, who won the Junior Course with his Zaku diorama titled “The Innocence of Childhood”.

gbwc11 B5Wjw3rCAAApfwR

Meanwhile, Mei Hata’s Kampher diorama, “War In The AI” may have only won 2nd place, however, this just shows how gifted the 11-year old Japanese girl really is.

mei hata mei hataa

The Junior Course’s third place meanwhile is from Thailand’s Warakorn Kaewmart with his curom Gundam Kyrios from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. His entry is called “Kyrios Assault” and he has certainly made his home country proud.


The winners then posed for a photo op with the 1:1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam and GunPla master Katsumi Kawaguchi.

winners 01

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