It all started out as a joke poking fun at Marshtomp’s seemingly empty and confused look in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The meme has become so popular in Japan that the official Japanese Pokemon twitter page even made their own hi-resolution 3D renditions of the confused-looking Water/ Ground Type Pokemon.

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Up until now, the images used for the Marshtomp memes have been pretty much low-res ones, but with some official support from the very people who made Pokemon, the meme has gotten stronger!

From @_U_N_X


From @hotokegusari


From @sanchinann


From @zeroRpeach


From @kurokamiku


And finally, looks like Marshtomp found out that his meme was updated… WAT?! (from @ MyojoKori)


WAT?! OK, I must admit, the low-res version looks a bit more confused…

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