As announced during Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2014, some of the biggest names in AniSong are heading to Singapore  for the Singapore leg of the ANISONG WORLD TOUR ~ LANTIS FESTIVAL on March 28, 2015 at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre. The Lantis Festival 2015 will be bringing seven major artistes for the first time and perform Anime Songs for their fans in Singapore.


Lantis, which specializes in soundtracks for Japanese anime and video games, is celebrating its 15th anniversary, and as part of the celebrations, they are bringing artistes known for performing anisongs as part of a world tour.Here are the Artistes performing for the ANISONG WORLD TOUR ~ LANTIS FESTIVAL – Singapore:

Minori Chihara
Best known for voicing Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, she has performed several anime songs including ones from Minami-ke, Nobunaga the Fool, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Since signing with Lantis record label in 2007, she has performed in Nippon Budoukan and Saitama Super Arena as a successful voice actress artiste.


JAM Project
JAM Project (Japan Animation song Makers) is a super unit formed in year 2000 formed by well-known vocalists in the Ani-song industry. All singers are united through the common goal of writing song that can correspond with Japanese Animation that has spread worldwide.

Members of JAM Project:
Hironobu Kageyama-「CHALA-HEAD-CHALA」(Dragon Ball Z)Others
Masami Okui-「Rinbu-revolution」(Revolutionary Girl Utena) Others
Yoshiki Fukuyama- Theme songs of「Macross 7」Others
Masaaki Endoh-「Yuushaou Tanjou!」(Yuushaou GaoGaiGar) Others
Hiroshi Kitadani「We are!」(ONE PIECE) Others

JAM Project_divine flame_mainA

Azusa Tadakoro
A voice actress and singer best known for voicing Aikatsu!’s Kirya Aoi and Brynhildr in the Darkness’s Kotori, she has performed plenty of anime songs, including Daimedaler and Brynhildr in the Darkness. She also voices [email protected] Million Live!’s Shizuka Mogami.


Prior to debut, ChouCho was an extremely popular utaite (online singer) in NicoVideo with over 1 million views, ChouCho got her major debut by singing the opening theme “Kawaru Sekai” for anime “Kami-sama no memo chou”.


Formed in 2009 by vocalist Ta_2 and painter YORKE, they created their unique sound by combining their
differences that is based on the elements of rock, loudness and dance while creating a painting in a process at the same time.


Kenshou Ono
Best known for voicing the titular character of Kuroko’s Basketball, as well as Slaine from Aldnoah.Zero, Ono started out as a child actor before shifting to become one of the most sought-after male voice actors today.


Kenichi Suzumura
Best known for his voice acting roles as Gundam SEED Destiny’s Shinn Asuka and UtaPri’s Masato, he debuted as an artiste and sang for the ending theme song “Asunaro” of the anime “Kami-sama no Memo Chou”.


Lantis Festival World Tour is scheduled to start in 2015 across 6 cities: Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Taipei (and one more city to be announced). The U.S. show will kick off their world tour as “the circle of Anisong” that connected all of Japan goes overseas to deliver the heat of Anisong throughout the world.

Ticket Information

On sale date: December 5th (Fri), 2014 2pm onwards on SISTIC website, mobile and all authorized agents.

Ticket Prices: S$188 (CAT 1), S$148 (CAT 2), S$78 (CAT 3), $48 (CAT 4)
*not inclusive of booking fees*

CAT 1 VIP ($188) Premiums includes:
– Lantis Lucky Bag
– Lantis Exclusive VIP Badge
– Artists Autographed Signboard … and more!!! (TBA)

CAT 2 (S$148) Premium includes:- Lantis Matsuri Official Concert Booklet

This year, the Lantis Festival in Japan series of concerts covered a total of 9 shows across 4 cities, delivering successful performances for many thousands of fans. The Tokyo concerts held from September 13 – 15, 2014 had an amazing turnout of 28,000 fans in 3 days.


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