What happens when modern warfare takes on medieval fantasy? Well that is what the popular military-fantasy net novel series, Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri, is all about, and it is finally getting a much-needed anime adaptation. A new key visual for the anime has also been released and it teases what seems to be an incoming clash between a tank and a dragon.


The series is written by Takumi Yanai, an ex-JSDF officer, who put his experience in serving Japan’s Self Defense Force into the books he writes. The novels ended in 5 volumes in 2009 and were popular enough to even have its very own spin-off series. To celebrate the release, a 30-second PV has also been streamed.

Gate is set in modern day Japan when one day, a portal to another world suddenly opens in Tokyo and mysterious monsters and armies attack it. The JSDF however manages to beat back these other-worldly invaders and decide to explore this new world themselves. The series follows Yoji itami, a lieutenant in charge of the 3rd scouting party who seems to have developed some relationships with the local beauties, particularly an elf, a demi-god, and a sorceress.


More announcements will be made in days to come.

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