Japan is known for all-sorts of wacky “loose characters”, and even has an annual contest for them known as the Yuru-chara Mascot Grand Prix. Some of the more prominent ones include Kumamon and Funassyi, as well as a few anime and vocaloid-related ones like Uogokoro-kun, Titan-kun, Moffle, Miss Monochrome, and of course, Mikudayo, who seems to be scaring kids a lot these days.

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However, during a Niconico live streaming event for both the Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order and Sword Art Online: Lost Song, which also announced the details for the three new SAO Lost Song characters, they introduced a scary new loose character mascot named Kirito-san.


Now that is certainly scary. I bet this Kirito-san has some mysterious βeater-based harem gathering powers which can even rival Mikudayo’s “evil powers”.


He was unveiled to the public in order to introduce the new portal site known as the Sword Art Online βeater’s Cafe which gives out information on the various SAO games and apps out there. Who knows? maybe he will enter next year’s  Yuru-chara Mascot Grand Prix and blaze through the competition. We might even see him take on other badass mascots like Attack on Titan’s Titan-kun and of course, Amagi Brilliant Park’s Moffle. We might even see him finally face-off with Mikudayo… and it may be the end of the world as we know it!


However, all kidding aside, it seems that fans are really pitting these two against each other, with some commenting that Kirito-san is Mikudayo’s rival. Some have even said that he’s a lot more intimidating than Mikudayo! Oh what will happen if these two truly face each other I wonder?

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Source: Hachimakikou and Dengeki Online


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