When the stage musical adaptation for Masashi Kishimoto’s popular ninja manga, Naruto, was announced, it raised a few eyebrows, however, with the reveal of some the cast members in costume during the Jump Festa 2014 event, a few opinions might be changed.


Naruto Uzumaki is played by Kodai Matsuoka. His costumed version was first seen when the musical was first revealed


Meanwhile, Sasuke Uchiha will be played by Ryuuji Sato while Sakura Haruno will be played by Yui Itou. Finally, the last costume reveal is for Gaara of the Sand, who will be played by Kenta Suuga.

naru3 naru4 naru5

The musical stage play will not only feature acting, singing, and dancing like most musicals, but also some fight scenes and acrobatics as you would expect from Naruto. It will be a retelling of the manga’s 1st 27 volumes.

The play will not only be shown in Japan, but it will also hit other parts of Asia, most notably Singapore and Malaysia, and also Macau. But before all of that, the play will be held over at the AiiA theater in Tokyo from March 21 to April 5, 2015 before heading to Fukuoka from April 10 – 12, Osaka from April 17 – 19, Miyagi from April 23 – 25, and then it returns to Tokyo from April 29 to May 10, 2015. No exact dates or venues have been announced for the Singapore, Malaysia, and Macau performances however.

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source: Oricon


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