To celebrate the 20th anniversary of PlayStation, Sony made an official online poll which asked Japanese gamers of all ages to vote on which classic game they want to see remade by using the latest console technology. Over 10,000 gamers in Japan, both male and female, have answered the poll and Sony has just released the results.

The results are a mix of surprises and ones which we have seen coming. Here they are:

20. Gran Turismo

19. Final Fantasy VII International 12

18. Dragon Quest VII

17. Final Fantasy VIII

16. Winning Eleven 8: Liveware Evolution

15. Xenogears

14. Kingdom Hearts

13. Final Fantasy X

12. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

11. Final Fantasy IX

10. Arc the Lad


9. Dragon Quest IV


8. Kingdom Hearts II


7. Resident Evil 6


6. Dragon Quest V


5. Gran Turismo 6


4. Final Fantasy

FF1 logo_PSP--article_image

3. Resident Evil


2. Dragon Quest VIII


1. Final Fantasy VII


Japanese gamers want to see a Final Fantasy VII remake using the latest technology?! I totally did not expect that! OK, just kidding, I saw that one coming a mile away. But the poll did contain a few surprises as newer games like Resident Evil 6 and Gran Turismo 6 are included in the top 10.

Kingdom Hearts 2, which just has its 2.5 HD Remix released in Japan earlier also made it to the list. I guess people want to see it in the PlayStation 4, huh? The appearance of some titles high up in the top 10 are a bit predictable though, like the original Final Fantasy game, the original Resident Evil, Dragon Quest IV, and a childhood favorite of mine, Arc the Lad.

So what game do you want to see remade?

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