Magikarp has always been the joke of Pokemon, all because of its very low stats, weak techniques, and over-all uselessness. But one trainer does not seem to think so as he uses one to take on the entire Pokemon Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire Elite 4 plus the Champion, Steven all by itself, and it manages to do what was previously thought impossible: WIN! Magikarp is useless they said, it is weak they said…


The Elite 4 are basically the equivalent of Final Boss Trainers in many Pokemon games, so getting through them for trainers is quite the difficult task. And using just one “weak” and “pathetic” Magikarp against them would be suicide., right? Well, trainer @Nakano_Official has proven that it is really possible! With his level 83 Magikarp, he was able to survive the Elite 4 and go on to beat the Champion, Steven, Mega Metagross and all!

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And then, that trainer becomes champion… who says Magikarp are useless?!

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So it looks like Magikarp really is deadly… And it seems like this Herculean feat has been done before in Pokemon Fire Red/ Leaf Green, but that one used a Level 100 Magikarp and not one which is only at Level 83

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Source: Hachimakikou and Kotaku


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