On December 15 fans of three huge vocaloid producers made their way to Parco’s 2.5D event hall for a double release party staring PinocchioP and sasakure.UK., and staring, of course, Hatsune Miku.

Just two weeks ago PinocchioP’s second album Shibou, which contains the next Project Mirai theme song, Hajimemashite Unchuujin-san, was released. Today, also marks the release of sasakure.UK’s new mini-album Makamaka Monomonosy. What better way to celebrate than a double release party, which is exactly what they did. There to DJ and help MC was UtsuP alongside Ginga’s Sone.


Before the music could start, though, a small talk interview was held among the producers, who urged attendees to pick up some of the event goods. It was the first place you could pick up sasakure.UK’s new album, before the official release date, and even featured some can badges from the last [email protected] event.


After a brief stage change UtsuP took the stage to start the music half of the event, and helped get fans pumped up for PinocchioP with their collaboration Gorgeous Big Conversation. PinocchioP took the stage not too long after, another masked man joining to help out with the live producing of the newest songs off Shibou. Of course, it wasn’t just old songs that got the crowd excited as fan favorites Don’t Kill the Love Song and Mushroom Mother also made appearances, complete with Doushite-chan visuals.


Then it was sasakure.UK’s turn to take the stage as it was quickly set up to accommodate his two drum machines and two different laptops. After a hesitant introduction including a thanks to fans who had come to his concert in Singapore last month,  he was ready to start. Hello*Planet and other songs from his first album led into the introduction of songs never before heard before off the new mini-album, including tig-hug. You can check out the crossfade below.

Finally it was time to say goodbye, and sasakure.UK sent off fans with seasonally appropriate Snow Song before PinocchioP and UtsuP joined him on the stage for final remarks. There it was revealed that the two will be attending this year’s Winter Comiket, where UtsuP will be revealing a new album and PinocchioP will be selling Osoba, a collection of his illustrations from the past five years.


The event was proof that Miku doesn’t just live during the larger concerts in New York and Tokyo, but in the events that producers put out as well.

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