Racing Miku has been one of the most identifiable race queens of the Super GT, and her design changes each and every year. For the 2015 Super GT season, Good Smile Racing and Team UKYO have now unveiled her latest design, which seems to be inspired by a medieval knight as the new Racing Miku comes with a lance and a kite shield.


Evangelion and Eureka Seven mecha designer, Shigeto Koyama, once again provided the designs for this new Racing Miku, just like he did for last year’s version. Her illustratation is provided by Taiki.


And we can’t have a new Racing Miku without Good Smile Racing and Team UKYO’s new car, right? They have also unveiled the new Good Smile Racing Hatsune Miku Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 MY15.


Rather simple huh? Looks like they made a jump from last year’s BMW Z4 GT3 to a Mercedes Benz. So what do you think of the new Racing Miku 2015 and the new Hatsune Miku SLS?

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Sources: Animate and Hachimakikou


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