ufotable’s Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks has blazed through Fall 2014 as one of the season’s hottest anime, and with the first half now over and the anime continuing in April 2015, ufotable Cafe has asked its customers to vote for their favorite Fate/ Stay Night character.


Diners get one vote per order, so which means those who eat at the ufotable Cafe the most get to vote the most. Diners at the Machi Asobi Cafe also got to vote. Voting only started last December 26, 2014 and is still ongoing. They have now released the partial results, here they are:


1) Kirei Kotomine

2) Archer

3) Saber

4) Shirou Emiya

5) Illyasviel Von Einzbern

6) Rin Tohsaka

7) Berserker

8) Lancer

9) Rider

10) Sakura Matou

11) Assassin

12) Caster

13) Shinji Matou

Kirei is number one? Well, that is unexpected. Archer and Saber have been quite popular in the character rankings, particularly the Newtype Rankings, so it is a bit weird not to see either one of them on top.

Again, these results are still only partial and everything can change once the final results are released. Who knows? Maybe Shinji can even pull an upset or two and somehow end up in the Top 3.

But there is still one question in everyone’s minds – Where the heck are Gilgamesh and Taiga Fujimura?! So which Fate/ Stay Night character will you vote for?

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