A Certain series‘ Mikoto, Touma, Kuroko, Index, and Accelerator, making their way into the world of The Irregular at Magic High School as both series collaborate for a cross-over for the The Irregular at Magic High School Lost Zero mobile app game.


The story will take place around the timeline of the Sisters Arc from the A Certain Series with Tatsuya goinf after a relic known as the “Dream Caster” and he and Miyuki get caught up in the Sisters conflict.

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The collaboration will feature character cards of the A Certain characters as well as alternate Tokiwadai Middle School and Accelerator costumes for some of the characters.

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The characters of the two series will also find themselves in battle against one another in chibi form


This won’t be the first time you will see Miyuki in another costume as she also wears Asuna’s K.O.B. costume from SAO for their PS Vita game.

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Source: Famitsu via 0takomu


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