AChaika -The Coffin Princess- Avenging Battle is winding down to its conclusion, the anime’s official website has asked the fans which character from the series is their favorite. The voting period was from December 1 until December 7, 2014, and the results have finally been unveiled.


Voting was simple, fans just had to tweet their favorite character, with the  hashtag Chaika Sousenkyou or Chaika General Elections. So without further ado, here are the results:

chaika-general-election-results09 chaika-general-election-results08

chaika-general-election-results07 chaika-general-election-results06

13. Nikolai Avtotor
13. Matheus Callaway
14. Niva Lada
15. Ursula Tatra 12
15. Leonardo Stoller
16. Claudia Dodge
17. Karen Bombardier
18. Jasmine Orlo

chaika-general-election-results05 chaika-general-election-results04 chaika-general-election-results03

4. Akari Acura
5. Toru Acura
6. Vivi Holopainen (Half-Chaika)
7. Layla (Blue Chaika)
8. Alveric Gillett
9. Zita Brusasco
10. Chaika Hartgen (Main Chaika)
11. David
12. Fu-chan


3) Chaika Bogdan (Red Chaika) – 260 total votes

2) Fredrika – 270 Total Votes


1) Chaika Trabant (White Chaika) -544 Total Votes

It is safe to say that it was a landslide as the series’ resident meme princess Coffin Princess wins this one. Looks like in the eyes of the fans, the White Chaika really is the best Chaika. Though her win may not really come as a “Shocking Truth”, just like her now-famous catchphrase, the vote differential is the one which truly considered the “Shocking Truth” as she wins by over twice as much votes over the #2 ranked Fredrika, who is quite popular herself.


The shape-shifting Dragoon who loves to fight earns the #2 spot over a narrow victory over Chaika Bogdan, the Red Chaika, whose tsundere nature has gotten her a lot of fans. It should also be worth noting that the lowest ranked Chaikas in the official General Elections were the Black Chaika Twins, who were introduced quite late in the series. All the other Chaikas have made it to the Top 10.

Hmmm… Maybe them Chaika memes have something to do with the White Chaika’s victory…

chaika_s_face_by_switchdraw-d7k0t4b  fcc

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