During a live announcement streamed via Niconico Douga, it was announced that Square Enix action game, Gunslinger Stratos, will be getting itself an anime adaptation, which will premiere this April 2015 as part of the spring anime season. Here is the promotional video:

The anime adaptation will be titled “Gunslinger Stratos -The Animation” and the scenario will be provided by none other than acclaimed anime and video game writer, Gen Urobuchi, so expect the unexpected, and be ready to shake your fists and shout Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

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The anime itself will be a collaboration between A-1 Pictures and Nitro+. With Gen “Urobutcher” Urobuchi writing the series’ scenario, voice actor Junichi Suwabe announced that at least one character will die. The live streaming also promised that the anime will feature plenty of death and drama.

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Source: Hachimakikou


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