2014 has been one stellar year for Reki Kawahara‘s popular Science Fiction light novel and anime series, Sword Art Online. Not only has 2014 brought it a very successful PlayStation Vita RPG and an even more successful season 2 of its anime adaptation, but as Manga specialty store, Mangaoh, has revealed in their annual manga rankings, the series also had quite the year in its original light novel series.


Mangaoh’s light novel rankings have ranked only the light novels which were released from the period of December 2013 – November 2014. Here are the results:

9/10/11) Accel World Volume 17


9/10/11) Accel World Volume 16


9/10/11) Eromanga Sensei Vol 1


8) A Certain Magical Index: New Testament Volume 11


6/7) A Certain Magical Index: New Testament Volume 9


6/7) Isekai Cheat Magician Volume 2


5) The Irregular at Magic High School Volume 14


3/4) The Irregular at Magic High School Volume 13


3/4) Sword Art Online Volume 15

pc_0_ (1)

2/1) Sword Art Online Progressive 2


2/1) Sword Art Online Volume 14


Looks like author Reki Kawahara had a dominating year with Mangaoh as five entries in the Top 11 were all his worksas Sword Art Online, Sword Art Online Progressive, and Accel World each have entries. The Irregular at Magic High School meanwhile was able to stop Sword Art Online’s complete domination by managing to tie Sword Art Online Volume 15 at third/fourth place.

Isekai Cheat Magician manages to pull some serious upsets in the list as it outranks A Certain magical Index: New Testament, not once, but twice in the rankings.

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