Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada is known in the gaming community for having a good sense of humor, especially in his own twitter page where fans ask him all sorts of questions. So when Tekken 7’s newest addition, Lucky Chloe, was revealed and garnered much hate among the fandom, the fighting game legend used a whole lot of wit and sarcasm to answer a few tweets against the new fighter.


When one fans asked if they would be able to delete any character in Tekken 7 that they don’t want to fight against, like Lucky Chloe, Harada sarcastically answered that she is an exclusive character for East Asia and Europe only and will not be included in North America. He then said that North American players want a muscular skin-headed fighter with a gun or with an MMA background, and that exactly is what he’s giving them. This answer of course drew a fire storm with some fans who took the joke as a serious comment.


Tekken 7 will be tentatively released for Japanese arcades on February 2015 and is also set for release via consoles.

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