It’s Comiket season once again, and as usual, everybody is expecting that the bi-annual otaku extravaganza will be very chaotic just like the last one.

The event is so highly anticipated, that some otakus braved the cold winter night and stayed at the Big Sight area overnight just to be one of the first persons in line. According to reports, approximately 300 people braved the cold temperature just to line-up, some were already lining up as early as 7:19 pm of last night.

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Several shops near the Big Sight area have already anticipated the huge influx of otakus, cosplayers, and anime fans from all over the world, and stocked up on goods such as beverages and food for the hungry event-goers. The examples include the Lawson store near the train station and the Family Mart near the Big Sight itself, which are the first line of defense when it comes to satisfying the hungry or thirsty masses which have come for Comiket.

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And speaking of stocking up, plenty of anime-related food, beverages, and merchandise have also been spotted, including those sinister-looking Kyuubey Steamed Buns

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And to anticipate the hundreds of thousands of otakus coming for the event, the area around the Tokyo Big Sight area, particularly the train station, has been littered with anime, manga, and video game ads.

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Mobile providers have also braced themselves for the event with some very special anime vans to provide internet connections to the event-goers.

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Now that’s a lot of preparations indeed! Comiket 87 will be held from December 28 – 30, 2014, in its traditional home, which is the Tokyo Big Sight.

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Source: Yaraon!, Moe Otanews, and 0takomu


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