An announcement came bundled with the release of the compiled Blu-ray/ DVD edition of Working!! and it announced that the popular comedy anime about the hard-working staff of the family restaurant known as Wagnaria are returning this July 2015 for the anime’s third season, which means it will be part of the Summer 2015 anime season.


A-1 Pictures will once again be producing the anime as it has done in the previous two seasons. The third season. now titled Working!!! (with an extra !), was announced during a collaboration event with fellow comedy anime series, Servant X Service.

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The series centers around the family restaurant, Wagnaria, and its wacky staff which works both the front (dining area) and the back (kitchen) of the restaurant. The anime is based on Karino takatsu’s popular manga which just ended its run on Young Gangan Magazine.

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Source: Moe Otanews


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