Yuri Kuma Arashi


This “intellectual fantasy” anime directed by Penguindrum and Revolutionary Girl Utena’s Kunihiko Ikuhara promises all sorts of unexpected twists and turns as humans and bears collide in a conflict which sounds really similar to Attack on Titan (Bears suddenly attack humans to eat them, humans erect a tall wall to keep humanity safe from bears, but the bears suddenly transform into humans to infiltrate, sound familiar right?). None the less, we are still plenty excited.



If action is what you want to watch this winter, then Isuca may be one of the titles for you. Based on the manga by Osamu Takahashi, it follows the story of a financially challenged man named Shinichiro. He seeks for a job to pay his rent and ends up working for Sakuya, the 37th head of the Shimazu clan tasked with exorcising and getting rid of supernatural creatures. Shinichiro accidentally releases one of them and decides to work with Sakuya to hunt it down.

So there you have it, the 10 Winter 2015 anime we are most excited about. Which are ones do you want to watch the most?

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