Karaokes often set us loose from our usual selves as we sing our favorite songs. In Japan, karaokes often feature anime songs, and Japanese women’s website, MyNavi Woman, has asked Karaoke goers if there are any anisongs they would just like to sing their hearts out in Karaokes.

Sadly, of the 636 respondents to the online poll, only 14.5% of them (about 92 people) have said that they have an anisong they must always sing whenever in the karaoke. Those who said “Yes” to the poll however did say which anisongs they liked. Here are their Top 5:

5/6) Genesis of Aquarion by Akino (from Genesis of Aquarion)

5/6) Orion o Nazoru by Unison Square (from Tiger & Bunny)

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