The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls has already become one of this season’s hottest titles, and the series’ producer (no, not that producer), Hironori Toba, has recently sat down with Dengeki Online and talked about the new anime, the new idols, the new producer, and how it is different from the original [email protected] series.


Toba is no stranger to the [email protected] series, in fact, he has also produced the previous anime series focusing on 765 Pro. He talked about how this new anime will be different from the previous one, and stated that while the situation is somewhat the same (both 765 Pro and Cinderella Girls came from nobodies to superstars), the characters will be quite different and drew comparisons between the two leads, Haruka Amami from 765 Pro, and Uzuki Shimamura from Cinderella Girls. However, he admitted that drawing out that Cinderella Story for the girls in a different manner would be quite difficult indeed.


He also talked about the anime’s third episode where the three female leads, Uzuki, Mio, and Rin, all became back-up dancers in a concert. He said he wanted to convey the success of the girls, especially for Mio and Uzuki.


Toba also talked about the new Producer, Takeuchi-P, who is a little bit more intimidating than the 765 Pro Producer. As a producer himself, he said that the role is a “delicate existence” and must be able to accept a lot of people. He said that after a few character designs and illustrations, they finally settled on their producer and as it turned out, he became popular… very popular.


And as it won’t be [email protected] without the music, he was asked if he was worried about the songs. To that, he answered that he “believes that it will be formed as the story goes along. The success of these songs, and the show, will also depend on the growth of the Cinderella Project’s members, especially in important scenes like concerts.

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Source: Dengeki Online


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