J-pop duo, ClariS, have always been a mystery, even to their most die hard fans. The duo, even with one member having already graduated and a new member replacing her, have always been featured as illustrations in their albums and singles, and as silhouettes whenever they perform. However, with the announcement of their first solo live concert, fans have rekindled their hope of actually seeing what the girls really look like.


The announcement for their very first solo concert was announced by the official ClariS Staff twitter page, which also featured several images from the duo’s performance from the Lisani! Live-5 concert yesterday.


Clara and new member Karen performed the ED of Tsukimonogatari during the event to the cheers of the fans

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Their very first solo concert will happen on July 31, 2015 at Zepp Tokyo. So will they finally reveal themselves to the fans or will we see another performance from silhouettes?

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Source: ClariS Staff, ClariS facebook pageSony Music


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