With a new member named Karen, J-pop duo, ClariS, is as strong as ever, despite the “graduation” of now-former member Alice. It has been announced recently that the girls will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of ClariS soon, and they will be releasing their very first “Best of” album, which will be titled ClariS ~SINGLE BEST 1st~


The album will include “Irony”, their first major single which served as the OP song for OreImo, as well as their second single, Connect, which was the OP song for Madoka Magica. Also included is the Nisemonogatari ED, Naisho no Hanashi.


The duo was also responsible for both Nisekoi OP songs as well as the ED for Tsukimonogatari. This new “Best of” album is scheduled for release on April 15, 2015 as part of their 5th anniversary celebrations. ClariS made their debut back in 2010 with the original members, Clara and Alice, however, in 2014, Alice retired, and was replaced by Karen back in November.

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