Medicom Toy has now unveiled their latest [email protected], and it is none other than the mighty Colossal Titan. However, this one seems to tower over other [email protected], just like the Colossal Titan itself, Wall Maria beware.


Known as the [email protected] Super-Sized Giant 1000%, this new [email protected] will measure in at approximately 70cm in size, which is quite huge indeed as your average PVC figure only measures in at about 20-24cm while figmas tend to be around the 16cm range. Standard 100%-size [email protected] tend to be only 7cm in height, which makes this titanic new [email protected] a colossal one indeed.

news_xlarge_b_kyojin_1000_01 news_xlarge_b_kyojin_1000_02

This figure will be released on May 2015, however, pre-orders will begin on January 10. Each Colossal Titan [email protected] figure will cost 34,560 Yen

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