With the Kantai Collection anime already one of the most talked about titles this season, as well as the release of the upcoming PS Vita port to the original PC browser game which started it all, Hori has announced two new sets of KanColle video game accessories which will definitely go well with that new PS Vita game.


Hori will be releasing two different sets of PS Vita accessories, both of which will be coming with a microfiber cleaning cloth featuring the anime’s main visual (pictured above).

The first set is called the Yamato Version, and it features a Yamato PS Vita face cover and a Kaga and Akagi PS Vita case

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The Nagato version meanwhile will feature a Nagato PS Vita face cover and a 6th Destroyer Fleet (Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, and Inazuma) PS Vita case

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These PS Vita accessories will be released simultaneously with the PS Vita port this May 2015. The PS Vita version will feature an updated interface with added strategic elements which will make full use of the PS Vita’s capabilities. The game will follow “The Admiral” as he builds his fleet of anthropomorphic warship girls. A special KanColle PS Vita console has already been confirmed, as well as an arcade version of the PC game.

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Source: Famitsu


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