Voice actress Satomi Akesaka may be voicing powerful characters like Akame Ga Kill!’s Esdeath, however, that does not make her safe from being harassed.


In her own personal twitter page, she reported that an unknown user sent her a reply that really bothered her and asked whether she should report it as cyber terrorism.

Her followers immediately came to her aid and gave her a lot of advice as to what to do and who to seek help from. She then sent a thank you tweet to all of them and said that she had already made a screenshot of the tweet reply, blocked the user, informed her agency and said that she would also report the user to both twitter and the police.

It seems that there is an ongoing trend of harassing celebrities’ twitter pages in Japan right now and Akesaka is just one of the latest victims. She also said she would not forgive such actions.

Hmmm… I wonder, maybe she will go full Esdeath on them next time? Now that is scary.


Akesaka is not only known for voicing Esdeath, but she has also voiced other characters like Wake Up Girls’ Reina Suzuki and Reborn!’s Chrome Dokuro.

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Source: Hachimakikou


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