With Kantai Collection being one of the hottest and most popular anime series this Winter 2015, it did not take long for one particular fan to identify the locations of the Naval Academy where Fubuki and her friends study in order to fight the dreaded Abysmal Fleet.


Kantai Collection player Bradbury404 went on an anime pilgrimage to Hiroshima to the Etajima Naval Base, home to the Japanese Maritims Self Defense Force’s 1st Technical School and the Officer Candidates School, as well as the Kure Naval District. There, he made several comparison shots from the anime, and the real naval buildings which inspired them. He even brought along his Nendoroid Shimakaze for the trip.

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He also identified the Submarine Pier, the old Torpedo-loading and unloading crane, and the Kure Port which were also featured in several scenes in the anime,

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Looks like he really did his research well, what a dedicated fan indeed. Speaking of dedicated fans, another anime blog, Sazanami, also identified some of the buildings within the Naval district as part of the anime.

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The Kure Naval District has served a long history in Japan and it displays several artifacts from some battleships like the Yamato and the Mutsu, both of which also have their own popular Kantai Collection counterparts.

These instances of anime pilgrimages have happened before with series like Love Live!, Lucky Star, Girls und Panzer, and most recently, [email protected]: Cinderella Girls. With the popularity of Kantai Collection even before the anime was even announced, it won’t be surprising if Kure would be the next Washimiya (Lucky Star), Oarai (Girls und Panzer) or Chichibu (AnoHana).

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Sources: Bradbury3404 and Sazanami


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