The gigantic monsters of Monster Hunter are back for another round as Capcom celebrates the Monster Hunter Festa 2015 in Chiba’s Makuhari Messe Hall last January 18, 2015.


The venue included the Monster Hunter museum where life-size models of several monsters like the elder dragon known as the Kushala Doara, the Rajang, the Seruregiosu, and many more.

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The Monster Hunter Museum also featured several life-size dioramas, costumes, and other exhibits you can expect from the world of Monster Hunter. Cosplayers were also present as they donned Monster Hunter armor as featured in the game.

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And since this is Monster Hunter, players can bring their 3DS consoles and play and have a party of their own


Several Monster Hunter artworks, character and creature designs were also featured

mhf15_021_cs1w1_720x479 mhf15_022_cs1w1_720x479 mhf15_090_cs1w1_720x479

Several Monster Hunter-inspired meals were also served during the event while several MH merchandise and figures were also sold.

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Source: Dengeki Online


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