Sailor Moon‘s new Petite Etrangere musical finally starts first-ever international performances last February 16 in Shanghai, China where the all-female cast wowed the Chinese crowd during the first day of performances.


The play hosted a mostly-young female audience, along with several male audience members and some families. The all-Japanese cast acted in Japanese, however, LED screens around the theater featured Chinese subtitles.

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 The Chinese crowd cheered loudly as the curtain on the play was finally being lifted. Yu Takahashi, who plays the role of Sailor Jupiter admitted that she was happy of the fans’ enthusiasm and thanked them and said that the “Chinese people have brought a smile to my face”. Satomi Okubo, who plays Usagi Tsukino/ Sailor Moon meanwhile thanked the people of Shanghai and said that they have made her love Sailor Moon even more.

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It seems that the moonies in China also have a lot of Moon Pride in them. The play will be held until January 18, 2015 at the Shanghai Theater Academy.

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