With the help of series such as The [email protected], Love Live!, and Wake Up Girls!, the idol anime genre has become one of the most popular ones in the Japanese animation industry, and Japanese media website, Goo, has asked anime fans to vote for their favorite idol anime.

Only 2D anime with idols were ranked, and it did not just involve recent titles, but older ones as well. The poll asked 500 people, 250 of which were male, while another 250 were female. Here are their Top 16:

16) Fancy Lala: The Magic Stage

15) Magical Emi, the Magic Star

14/13) PriPara

14/13) Pretty Rhythm

12) Wake Up, Girls!

11) LocoDol

10) Full Moon o Sagashite


9) Chou Kuse ni Narisou


8) Kirarin ☆ Revolution



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