During the Love Live! Year End Special show hosted by the nine Love Live! voice actresses, it was announced that μ’s will be participating in one of the three most important Shinto festivals in Tokyo, which is the Kanda Matsuri.


The Kanda Myoujin shrine is best known for being a “Holy Land” for fans of the idol anime, and the new collaboration is just the latest one between the series and the shrine.


A collaboration poster featuring all nine members of μ’s wearing shrine maiden outfits was unveiled and they announced that it will be seen in the shrine and will be greeting those participating in the shrine’s annual Kanda Festival, which will be from May 9 – 10, 2015.



The shrine, which is located near Akihabara, has been frequented by Love Live! fans because this is where 3rd year member, Nozomi, works part-time as a shrine maiden. The shrine has also sold Love Live! charms and special prayer emas featuring Nozomi.

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Source: Moe Otanews


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