It’s no secret that the Love Live! school idol, Nozomi Tojo, works as a Miko or shrine maiden for Kanda Myoujin shrine in the anime. In fact, the shrine’s real-life counterpart has now experienced a surge of visitors all because of Nozomi, the shrine has now even become the Love Live! “Holy Land” with Love Livers going on pilgrimage just to visit the shrine.


And with all of Nozomi’s hard work for the shrine in the anime, it seems like the real-life Kanda Myoujin has decided to reward her efforts as they have now officially named her the shrine’s official idol.

For one of Japan’s most well-known Shinto shrines to name an anime character as their “official idol” is quite an achievement indeed. Love Live! has given the shrine much attention, and they have rewarded the school idols with such an appropriate response. The shrine also has quite a good relationship with the idol anime as they have sold wooden wishing planks or emas, as well as charms, both of which feature Nozomi. The shrine has also announced that Love Live! will be participating in one of the three most important Shinto festivals in Tokyo, which is the Kanda Matsuri


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