In the northern Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido, test scores are going down, and unfortunately, video games are getting the blame as Hokkaido Prefecture’s Board of Education has proposed a ‘No Game Day’ which will not only happen once, but twice a month.


The test scores in the prefecture have now fallen below the National Average, and this has made their Board of Education, along with the PTA, act on it by making kids not play video games every first and third Sunday of the month, starting February. Children are now encouraged to hang out with their families and friends and not play games during those days.

Of course, this decision has gotten criticism. As Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft puts it, the decision “would incorrectly make the assumption that children in other parts of Japan are not playing lots of video games”. Square Enix’s Yoshinori Tsuchida meanwhile tweeted a conversation between him and his son regarding the incident:

Basically, he asked his 6th grade son about “No Game Day”, who answered that even if kids are prevented from playing video games, does that mean that they will study?

Do you that the Board of Education did the right thing? Or did they overstep their boundaries on this one?

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Source: Kotaku


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