Considered one of the world’s biggest anime conventions, Anime Japan will finally be coming back this March, and its official visual reveals a few very recognizable characters like Gundam’s Char Aznable, Kantai Collection’s Fubuki, Astro Boy, Fate’s Rin Tohsaka, Pycho-Pass’s Akane Tsunemori, Oregairu’s Yukino Yukinoshita, and many more.


The event will also be offering up many collaborations between different series, just like last year which included a Monogatari X Attack on Titan crossover as well as a Strike Witches X Girls und Panzer X Kantai Collection cross-over. This year, the event will be offering up a Fate/ Stay Night X God Eater Collaboration as well as a Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun X UtaPri cross-over. I wonder how those two will go?


There will also be a charity auction which will feature memorabilia from two classic Science Fiction series, Mobile Suit Gundam (1979) and Space Battleship Yamato 2199.


There will also be a cosplay competition featuring two of the hottest anime today, Kantai Collection and Kuroko’s Basketball.


The event will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba, Tokyo from March 21 – 22, 2015. You can check out some of the highlights from the inaugural event last year through this link. 

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