2014 has been a great year for anime, and it has certainly introduced some pretty nasty villains to say the least. For our final SGCafe New Year special, we take a look at the villains which gave the heroes of several anime a whole world of trouble.

After some debating, a lot of arguing, and a bit of agreeing, we have come up with a list of 10 anime villains featured in 2014 and ranked them accordingly. Here are our picks:

10) The Terraformar Cockroaches from Terraformars


Big, owerful, and often attacking in huge swarms, these humanoid cockroaches from Mars (yes, that’s what they really are) can take your head off with little effort. Add to that their near-human-like intelligence and ability to fly, these monsters have already proven that they are the stuff nightmares are made of.

Ricardo Gavarni from Chaika the Coffin Princess


He may look like an innocent little boy, but he has killed plenty of people already, and to make matters worse, he kills them for fun. He like “dissecting” people, and is just as good at fighting with knives as he is insane.

8) Death Gun from Sword Art Online II


What makes a good villain is the ability to give heroes some trouble, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Death Gun did just that as he not only fought with Kirito’s GGO avatar toe-to-toe, he messed with his mind and screwed up Kirito’s emotions, enough for him to question his own worth… and this is Kirito we are talking about!

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