7) Five from Terror in Resonance


Five is certainly one brilliant chess master, always two steps ahead of our “terrorist” duo of Nine and Twelve. She would only settle for victory against them in a very dominating manner, as she may just be the most competitive villain in our list. Cunning, obsessive, and manipulative, this villain is certainly scary to go up against.

6) Kureo Mado from Tokyo Ghoul


While he shows genuine care and kindness to his fellow humans, even becoming a wise mentor to them, Kureo Mado is not so nice when it comes to ghouls, and his hatred of them shows how sadistic he really is. He does not care if a Ghoul is friendly or not, if a Ghoul is child or adult, a Ghoul is a Ghoul, and for him, all of them deserve to die a painful and agonizing death. His actions in the series have led to some heartbreaking instances, and this is why he makes our Top 10 Best Anime Villains of 2014 at #6.

#5) The Parasytes


What is scarier than a giant martian cockroach which can fly? A parasitic alien which can shape shift, be as intelligent as humans, and eat them… simply put, nightmare fuel. Do we even have to say more why they are in our list?

4) Akira Midousuji from Yowamushi Pedal


Confident, smart, talented, but downright creepy, Akira Midousuji can even compete with the terraformar cockroaches and parasytes in terms of over-all creepiness. However, his creepiness is not the reason why he is #4 in our list, but because he will do absolutely everything to win. His methods are often dirty and he will mess with his opponents minds just to get his goal. He is downright manipulative and will use all the pawns at his disposal to get ahead. Only a certain otaku cyclist, who like to sing about “hime”, seems to not be affected by his mind games very much.

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