3) Ulith from Selector Infected Wixoss


From the time she she was first introduced in Selector Infected Wixoss until the final episode of Selector Spread Wixoss, Ulith has manipulated the events of the dark and gloomy world of Wixoss. This Malevolent card has done a lot of emotional harm to everyone, hero or villain, and she did it brilliantly. What makes Ulith such a great villain is that her sole purpose in Wixoss is to create despair among the Selectors and LRigs, and she was successful, very successful as she drove Akira to become an obsessed yandere and she also made Tama her own personal slave and do things she does not want to do. Simply put, she made already miserable girls into becoming even more miserable, and she enjoyed it.

2) Seryu Ubiquitous from Akame Ga Kill!


Akame Ga Kill! has its great share of villains, like Esdeath and Kurome, but if we were to pick who was the best villain from the series, it would be none other than Seryu Ubiquitous. Arguably the most hated anime character of 2014, voice actress Kana Hanazawa showed how talented she really is by showing Seryu’s crazy side, and making fans absolutely despise the character. Seryu is insane, and she will kill anyone who gets in the way of her own twisted sense of justice… JUSTIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Ragyou Kiryuin


Come on, was there even any doubt? The “World’s Greatest Mom” has certainly gotten some prime parenting advice from Evangelion’s Gendou Ikari, aka the “World’s Greatest Dad”. She has thrown her youngest daughter (still a baby at that time) into the trash because she was a failure and she constantly harassed her elder daughter. And when her daughters finally stood up against her, well, she did her best and tried to actually kill both of them. What a mom! And she did all of this so alien clothes could invade Earth and feed on humans… ok, now that’s just sick! Now hit the music!

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