2014 has been a great year for that wonderful place known as the internet, as it generated countless memes, some hilarious, some not so much. For today’s SGCafe New Year Special, we take a look back at five very interesting internet memes which have originated from Japan. Unlike our other New Year’s lists, this one wasn’t so hard to decide. Here are our favorites:

“That Loving Feeling”

that loving feeling 1

Inspired by an interview during Japan’s huge snowstorm last February 2014, where a man embarrassed his girlfriend on live national TV, the meme went on for months, with all the lovely people in the wonderful place called the internet put their favorite “couples” in that similar situation. The meme was not just done in illustrations, as even some cosplayers around the world got in on the act as well.


“The Chaika Face”


This meme was inspired by a scene which took place during Chaika the Coffin Princess’s episode 4 where the main character, Chaika, made her now iconic smile. That smile has then been face-swapped not only with other animated characters, but also real-life personalities. Shocking Truth!!!!


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