Our SGCafe New Year Special continues and this time, we are taking a look at seven great anime which we felt didn’t have as much love as they should have had from the fans in 2014, especially the ones from outside of Japan. A few of the ones in our list have been quite successful in Japan, however, overseas, they didn’t experience as much fanfare as other titles like Tokyo Ghoul, No Game, No Life, and many others.

Like the our first three articles, we’ve thought long and hard on which anime to include in our list, and these eight are the ones which we have come up with. Simply put, these are anime which are not as popular as they should have been. Here they are:

Ping Pong the Animation


Ping Pong the Animation has gotten much critical acclaim, and from a personal standpoint, I myself have enjoyed it, and I’ve heard plenty of other people shower it with much praise, however, the anime just did not get as much loving from fans both inside and outside of Japan as it should have, and for that, this heavily underrated anime starts off our list. The anime is exciting to say the least, and saying that it is fun to watch is one huge understatement.

The Pilot’s Love Song/ Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta


Simply put, this anime is beautiful. It is filled with plenty of unexpected twists and turns, and its characters are well done, with plenty of good chemistry. Story and animation-wise, this anime could give some of the ones in our very own Top 10 anime of 2014 list a very good run for their money. Sadly however, the anime wasn’t able to get as much popularity from more mainstream anime fans not only in Japan, but also the rest of the world.

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