What happens when American teenagers watch a J-pop music video for the first time? It seems that some of them have been taken to a completely alien world so to speak. For the latest Teens React video by the Fine Bros. uploaded to youtube, they made several American teens watch J-pop videos for the first time. Here’s how they reacted:

Featured in the video are Perfume’s Laser Beam, EXILE’s New Horizon, and AKB48’s Heavy Rotation. Some of the reactions for the Perfume music videos ranged from “What am I watching?!” to “Wow, that’s Cool!” while their reaction to Exile’s seem to focus more on their dance routine and the fact that they have a lot of members (19). As for AKB48, it seems they had some fun, right? But some of them first thought it was K-pop, oh well…

teens2 teens1

When they were presented with some fun facts about the groups they just listened to, their reactions were just priceless. The culture shock was just worth watching.

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