Japanese web forum, 2chan, is often regarded as one of the craziest places in the magical realm called the internet, and with 2014 already over and done with, the denizens of that infamous Japanese web forum have voted on which anime from last year is the one that they think is the very best.

So which ones did the people over at 2chan like the most? Here are their picks

30) Sword Art Online II

29) Amagi Brilliant Park

28) Space Dandy Season 2

27) Brunhildr in the Darkness

26) Gundam Build Fighters

25) No Game, No Life

24) Nisekoi

23) Hanayamata

22) Survival Game Club

21) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

20) The Irregular at Magic High School

19) Psycho-Pass 2

18) Space Dandy

17) Nagi no Asukara

16) Engaged to the Unidentified

15) Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero

14) Mushishi Zoku Shou

13) Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

12) Wake Up Girls!

11) Love Live! Season 2


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