Lately, Japanese pro football has teamed up with anime series like Girls und Panzer, A Certain Scientific Railgun, No-Rin, and Amagi Brilliant Park. Now, three teams which have developed partnerships with some anime series are coming together and announcing something in a press conference this February 27, 2015.


Dubbed “Ani X Soccer” or Animation X Soccer, the project will involve three J-League Division 2 clubs, namely Tokyo Verdy, Mito Hollyhock, and FC Gifu. Last year, Tokyo Verdy teamed up with A Certain Scientific Railgun, however, this year, they are teaming up with Amagi Brilliant Park. FC Gifu meanwhile has teamed up with the anime which has brought much attention to their home prefecture, No-Rin, while Mito Hollyhock is famous for their strong partnership with Girls und Panzer.

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The February 27 press conference by the three teams will also be attended by its players, as well as voice actress Yuka Ootsubo, best known for her roles as Yuru Yuri’s Kyouko Toshinou and Kantai Collection’s Torpedo Cruiser duo or Ooi and Kitakami.


The press conference will be streamed live via Niconico Douga on February 27 at 18:00 Japan time.

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