The Wonder Festival, or WonFes as it is best known as, is considered Japan’s biggest and most important bi-annual figure event. Clearly, the figures and garage kits are the stars of the event, however, one must not forget that one of the event’s highlights are also the cosplays. This year’s Winter edition is no different


Cosplayers have gathered in Makuhari Messe once again for WonFes, and it is clear that Kantai Collection is going strong… VERY STRONG

IMG_1131-440x660 IMG_1163-440x660 IMG_1197-440x660 P1010168-440x586

Magical girls were also seen around the venue as Fate/Illya and Cardcaptor Sakura were also well represented.

P1010169-440x586 P1010178-440x586 P1010181-440x586

Other series like Danganronpa and Love Live! were also well represented… and there were some pretty interesting Monsters Inc cosplays inspired by the Disney movie.

P1010193-440x586 P1010223-440x586 P1010230-440x586 P1010240-440x586 P1010258-440x586 P1010268-440x586 P1010278-440x586 P1010285-440x586 P1010296-440x586 P1010301-440x586

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