We are almost midway through the Winter 2015 season, and around this time is when people usually decide whether to drop or continue watching some of the season’s new anime.

Japanese character database, Charapedia, has asked 10,000 anime fans, 51.4% of whom were male while 48.6% were female, which new Winter 2015 anime would they continue to watch the most. Charapedia has only revealed the Top 20, and here they are:

20) The Testament of Sister New Devil

19) Fafner in the Azure: EXODUS

18) Ketsuekigata-kun!

17) Maria the Virgin Witch

16) Death Parade

15) Dog Days”

14) Absolute Duo

13) Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!

12) Kamisama Kiss

11) Gourmet Girl Graffiti

10) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Egypt-hen


9) Kantai Collection


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