With the original online PC game already having millions of players, the anime adaptation becoming a huge success, and an arcade game and a PS Vita port coming up, 2015 is looking to be one excellent year for Kantai Collection, and the game’s executive producer, Michio Okayama, recently sat down with DMM.com and talked about the anime, the original PC game, and more.


In the interview, Okayama said that he was “filled with deep emotion” when the anime adaptation finally aired and admitted he shed a few tears. He also praised the voice actors who reprise their roles from the PC game, which means that a few of them are voicing multiple characters in the anime alone. He then said that he found the story of the anime “exciting”.


As for the original PC game which inspired the anime, Okayama said that there will be “big developments” which will be announced later this year. He also announced that there will be several events for the franchise this year, as well as major updates to the game.


However, he announced that some of these KanColle projects and events may not be done in time and may be pushed later in 2016. However, as Okayama has revealed, all in all, this is shaping up to be a great year for the franchise.


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