Good news South East Asia! Because Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin I: Blue-Eyed Casval will be officially shown in four countries, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and it will be shown on the same day as its premiere, which will be this February 28, 2015.


Yes folks, it really is official. The movie will be shown in Japanese dub with English subtitles, but in Singapore, there will also be Chinese subtitles. In the Singapore screenings, there will also be free A2-size posters of the movie to be given away. Those who want to reserve tickets for the Singapore screening can do so through this link:

In Singapore, the movie will be duistributed by Golden Village and will be shown in five locations, which are:

1.      GV Plaza
2.      GV Jurong Point
3.      GV Bishan
4.      GV Tampines
5.      GV Katong

The Malaysian screenings will be distributed by Golden Screen Cinema and will be shown in 19 locations, which are:

1       GSC Mid Valley
2       GSC Nu Senrtal
3       GSC Pavilion
4       GSC 1-Utama
5       GSC Paradigm
6       GSC Setia City Mall
7       GSC Quill City Mall
8       GSC Alamanda
9       GSC Palm Mall Seremban
10      GSC Dataran Pahlawan
11      GSC Gurney Plaza
12      GSC Sunway Carnival
13      GSC Aman Jaya
14      GSC Ipoh Parade
15      GSC East Coast Mall
16      GSC Mentakab
17      GSC Suria
18      GSC Bintang Megamall
19      GSC City One Kuching Mall

Blitz Cineplex meanwhile will be distributing the movie in Indonesia through six locations, which are:

1.      Grand Indonesia
2.      Mall of Indonesia
3.      Central Park
4.      Paris Van Java
5.      Teraskota
6.      Pacific Place

Finally, SM Cinemas will be distributing the movie in the Philippines and will be announcing the venues where the movie will be shown in the days to come.

The movie will be taking a look at the origins of two of the original series’ most popular characters, Char Aznable and Sayla Mass. It also features some of the 1979 anime’s most recognizable Zeon characters like Gihren Zabi and Ramba Ral.

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Source: AFA Channel


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