With the new collaboration between Pizza Hut and Kantai Collection already being launched, several KanColle fans have gathered around the Pizza Hut restaurant in Kanda, Tokyo, to get some limited edition Kantai Collection goodies as well as some pizza.


These diners have gathered early in the morning outside the Kanda restaurant, which features some of the series’ fleet girls in its shutters. The Kanda branch will also be distributing some exclusive merchandise which can only be obtained in that specific restaurant. Because of this, fans have lined up really early in the morning before it even opened.


However, Pizza Hut Kanda was ready for them like an admiral preparing for a sortie. Pizza Hut Japan’s official twitter page posted these images:

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We also get a closer look at the Kantai Collection delivery bikes which will deliver pizzas to various homes and offices in Japan.

from @ Kaztsu

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from @ Akiba_asterisk


Pizza Hut has collaborated with a lot of other anime series before, like A Certain Scientific Railgun, Dog Days, and others, however, their most famous (or rather infamous) anime collaboration was with Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion where their product was blatantly placed in several of the anime’s scenes and has even become main heroine C.C.’s favorite meal.

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